Cirepil 400g Blue Wax Tin
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Cirepil 400g Blue Wax Tin

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Cirepil revolutionizes waxing with a special polymer that shrink wraps hair for ease of removal, particularly on difficult hair growths. A smooth application and low temperature similar to Cirepil Ease Wax for larger areas of the body. Can be applied without a cellophane or non-woven strip. Cirepil Blue enhances the speed and cost effective value of wax procedures.

A disposable, low-temperature wax designed with soothing Jojoba Oil to promote comfort and pleasure for each client. This wax compliments Cirepil Ease and aims to fill all your waxing needs year-round, whether in winter or in summer. Do not filter and reuse. This wax should be applied with disposable wooden applicators. Clean up is simple with any wax pot cleaner or similar solvent. 


1. Place tin into a professional wax heater. Within 20 to 30 minutes, wax should be warm and at a liquid consistency.

2. Test temperature of wax on the inside of your wrist. Wax should be close to body temperature.

3. Prepare area to be waxed with Cirepil Blue Lotion while examining the direction of hair growth. Massage one drop of Cirepil Pre-Depilatory Oil into the area of skin to be waxed. Blot with tissue to remove excess oil.

4. Using a wooden disposable spatula, take a quarter-sized amount of wax, smooth the underside of the spatula against tin and turn spatula several rotations to lessen dripping.

5. Put wax onto skin using edge of spatula. Spread and apply pressure in the direction of hair growth. The narrow section of wax should be applied thinly and evenly with a ridge around the perimeter for easy wax removal. 

6. Lift the ridge and remove the wax parallel and close to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. Let wax set before removal. Room and body temperature might slow the process.

7. Massage Perron Rigot After Wax Gel and/or Moisturizing Lotion onto just waxed skin for a cooling, soothing and hydrating finish.

Additional Information

Brand: Cirepil

Manufacturer's UPC: 3331425784921

Size: 400g

To be used without strips.

Do not use on client using Retin A, Accutane, Glycolic Acid or any other skin thinning substance. Do not use after chemical peeling or surgical procedure until released by a physician. Do not use on open wounds and cuts or if the client has herpes, simplex, cancer, diabetes or is using steroids. Do not use with any questionable medical or skin conditions.

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